Monday, October 16, 2006

Gary and Cortnie Enns

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Year: 1969
Marque: MGB
Model: GT Coupe

Gary and Cortnie are Valley natives into the local art and culture scene. They both read lots of books and watch Dark Shadows re-runs. When Gary is not editing the BBCC website, he teaches college English and writes a local blog Ruined by Books. Both Gary and Cortnie perform in a dreampop band called The Dalloways with a full-length CD available called Penalty Crusade. Their '69 BGT is their first British automobile.

"It's a sportscar. It's comfortable. It's reliable. It's fun to drive."
- Jim Tyler, MGB Owner's Survival Manual



Anonymous said...

Hi Gary & Courtney,

Just got the web site e-mailed to me from Geoff, and I couldn't retire this evening until I read the whole site, from top to bottom. I must say that you have done a wonderful job at putting this all together! I am so impressed. My THANKS to you and the others for contributing those fine photos and interesting comments about the "happenings" in the British Car Club. I found the photos of the Tec Sessions in Tehachapi, very enlightening. I am pleased to see that there really IS a place in Tehachapi where Geoff goes to work on cars. lol

Barbara Davis

G. S. Enns said...


We're so glad you like the site. It's a fun place for people to meet up and share their latest news. I'd love it if more members began blogging on this site. The more, the merrier!