Wednesday, October 04, 2006

BBCC Members

George and Alma Aguilar
1959 Austin Healey Sprite
1974 MGB

Rick Aldrich

Mac and Linda Askari
1952 MG TD
MG Midget

Pat and Julie Bailey
1979 MGB Tourer

Dave Bailey
1967 Mini
1974 Triumph TR6
2004 Mini

Ed and Eileen Bandy
1959 MGA
1962 Triumph Herald
1977 MGB

Gary and Donna Boss

Earl and Cindy Bowman
1961 Triumph TR3A
1962 Triumph TR4

Bill and Ann Brewer
1961 Triumph TR3A
1967 Mini

Rowan Brooks
1960 Austin Healey Sprite

Jeanne and Joe Cates
1979 MGB

Tavis and Angela Dahlke
2004 Mini

Gabriel Donovan
1978 MG Midget

Tom Downs
Triumph TR6

Chris Eicher
1953 MG TD
1957 MG A (unrestored)
1959 MG A
1960 Austin Healey Sprite (bugeye)
197? MG Midget (race car project)
1973 MGB-GT
1976 MGB (parts car)

Gary and Cortnie Enns
1969 MGB GT Coupe

Dale Folwell
1961 TR3

Wally and Linda Freeman
1967 Sunbeam
1972 Jaguar E-type

David and Catherine Gay
1962 Austin Healey

Mike and Nora Gold
1967 MGB

Gary and Carolyn Golden
1959 MGA

Jeff Johnson
1956 Jaguar XK 140

Geoff Kimler
1969 MGB GT
1952 MG TD

Tom LeMay

Kevin and Eileen Lykins
1973 MGB

Gary and Kathy Lyles
1977 MGB

Gilbert and Darlene Mendez
1967 MGB GT
1969 Triumph TR6

Jeannette Miller
1962 Jaguar XKE

David and Diane Oblonsky
1978 MGB

Pierce O'Leary
1979 MGB

Roger Otis
1968 Triumph TR250
1972 Triumph TR6

Jon and Bonnie Paschke
Triumph TR6
Triumph GT6's

Xavier and Olivia Ramirez
1978 Triumph Spitfire

Harry Reidel
1950 MG TD

Bernardo and Shirley Romingquet
1953 MG TD

Ray and Betty Roundtree
1970 Midget
1974 MGB

RD and Danielle Roberts
1995 Jaguar XJS

Tom Salisbury
1958 Austen Healey Sprite

Steve Sanchez

Sandra Sandstead
MG Midget
Triumph GT6

Van and Susan Schultz

Mike and Jeannette Shea

Bev and Linda Stewart

Tom Stewart
1973 MGB

Harold and Carol Sugden
1961 MGA

Gary and Meg Sundburg
1972 MGB GT Coupe

Steve and Pat Taylor
1965 MGB

Glenda Turner
1974 Triumph TR6

Sheldon Walker
1968 Triumph TR6

Lou and Sula Zaninovich
1952 Morgan
1953 Morgan
1972 MGB GT Coupe

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Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, wow lots of changes to the BBCC, since I've last been there. I really miss all you guys. There's lots of new faces. I'd love to get together and come to a meeting or outing when I get my car all fixed up. I'm really close to finishing up the restoration. My 67 B roadster's gonna B beautiful when I'm done. I'm gonna try and have it done by Buttonwillow 2008 and meet you all out there again. I hope you are all safe and well. I really miss you all. It's safe to say, that I haven't been able to find a group of people that were as close or as friendly as all of the BBCC people are and were when I was a member. I really can't believe that it's been 9 years since I went to a meeting there. It seems like just yesterday. But, I guess my little Lexi was just born when I was the newsletter editor and now she's 12 and almost in high school. Man, where do all the years go?
I miss you guys, Brian (