Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Ultimate Tech Session

There’s something slightly sinister yet magical about ripping something beau-tiful apart – especially if the ultimate goal is to rebuild it and make it better.

Last month, Lou Z. shared with us a Rattle and Hum report about his problems and plans for his little red MGB GT Coupe. It read like this:

“About three weeks ago one cylinder seemed to go on strike on the MGB and left the other three to do all the work. I thought that wasn't fair, since they were already sick, but still trying to carry on for me. I decided to put them all on sick leave, pending major surgery on the engine, including over-bore, new pistons, rings, bearings, cam assembly, and headwork. This will all go back in front of an overdrive transmission.”

He wasn’t kidding when he said he‘d put them on sick leave! I was invited to the engine removal party at Jon Paschke’s, along with Pat Bailey and Pierce O’Leary. Pierce showed up in his shiny white MGB Tourer, and I drove my GT Coupe up from Bakers-field.

I didn’t want to miss this! I don’t plan on taking out the engine of my little coupe any time soon (if ever!), so this was a great opportunity to see the inner workings of the engine.

There were greasy hands, and a few oil spills with cat litter thrown over them. And good pizza, compliments of Lou. Jon’s dogs kept us company.

I banged my hand up sufficiently – necessary badges of honor from a big job.

Finally, that engine lifted out, and we proceeded to dismantle it, piece by piece until it was nearly down to its basic building blocks.

We’ll wait anxiously for more updates from Lou regarding his upgrades and repairs.

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