Friday, January 12, 2007

Rattle and Hum Club News

Jeff Johnson – 1956 Jaguar XK140
“Got a chance to take it for a drive to Bakersfield last month. After getting rid of local mice colony, I backed out of the garage and found, to my dismay, my right front tire was flat. So much for my trip. Happily I found a local tire shop to repair the tire a week later but the rains have now interrupted my travel—I have about two miles of dirt roads (muddy) to travel to get to a paved road.”

Lou Zaninovich – 1972 MGB GT
“About three weeks ago one cylinder seemed to go on strike and left the other three to do all the work. I thought that wasn't fair, since they were already sick, but still trying to carry on for me. I decided to put them all on sick leave, pending major surgery on the engine, including overbore, new pistons, rings, bearings, cam assembly, and headwork. This will all go back in front of an overdrive transmission. Unfortunately the ‘72 BGT is in line behind the ‘53 FLTRD. This is a project that is going on too long, now, especially since the MGB/GT has gone sick. The Moggie needs some corrective body paint, sanitizing of the engine compartment, and an engine rebuild which was started to correct F & R crankshaft oil seal leaks.”

Chris Eicher – 1959 MGA
See the “A Long Awaited Dinner” feature in the newsletter.

Sheldon Walker – 1975 Triumph TR6
“New head lamp relays, halogen head lamps, under hood liner, ignition switch. Car should be at next meeting if I can get the hood back on.”

George Aguilar – 1959 Austin Healey Sprite
“Restoring Bonnet for paint or looking at fiberglass bonnet.”

Tom Salisbury – 1958 Austin Healey Sprite
“What’s new? Virtually everything. It is a ground up that has been in process for the past two years. 1380cc hooked via rivergate to a Datsun 5sp. Eventually it will be a driver, but not quite there yet. Still some nit-pickin’ little things to do, am hoping for some new Band-Aid’s for Christmas... Little bitty cars need little bitty fingers to work on them! Have a merry christmas and happy new year!”

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