Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saunders Park Meeting of Great Wheels

Hello, British auto enthusiasts! This is a trial pilot website I've created for the BBCC. If you like it, the group can use this spot for event listings, updates, and even an online version of the newsletter. Officers and members can sign in as bloggers and publish their own articles and news. Plus, a blogger powered website is very good for visibility online and is quickly picked up by search engines such as google.

I'd love your feedback about this site and whether or not you think the group could use it. Please comment below by clicking the comments link. (Hint: Unless you've got a blogger profile already, it's easiest to post your comment as other.)

I met up with the club at Saunders Park on Saturday, September 17 for the Lynn Valley Car Run. Here's a little slide show of the cars before their workout. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Gary!!

Nick Belardes said...

I had the privilege of seeing Gary and Cortnie's brit car on Saturday. They drove up to my Oleander St. house and I felt like I wasn't even in Bakersfield anymore. Here were these cool people and a spotless vintage car. I swear, when they drove off it was like I had been in some old movie starring some cool cats.

I can't imagine a group of such cars. Is it true?

That's sure better than hot rods and neon-glowing hip-hop cars of today's youth. Sure, all cars represent culture, but the British Car Club offers a little sensibility to the entire idea of being in a car club. -paperback writer

G. S. Enns said...

Nothing like British chrome!